Metallurgica Medolago quality management system is wellestablished, thanks to it having been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 by TUV since 2003. The environmental and workplace health and safety management system has long been an integral part of general company management.

Metallurgica Medolago has implemented a policy for environmental safety in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 81/08, and has RSPP ( Head of Safety and Prevention Service) and an ASPP (Assistant Head of Safety prevention Service), trained according to the minimum general legal requirements.For more specific occupational risks, Metallurgica Medolago has performed a thorough risk analysis and has trained all personnel accordingly.

The company believes in prevention and invests so that the increasingly restrictive laws are not viewed as constraints but as, opportunities instead.
For this reason, the company has chosen to adopt an environmental and workplace, health and safety, in compliance with Standard ISO 14001:2004 that integrates objective and policies with quality objectives and policies and more generally speaking,with those pertaining to design and production.

Tests/controls equipment

No.1 bunker for X-Rays and Iridio 192 source (13×9 mt.)
No.1 X-Ray equipment unidirectional type (300 Kv – 6 mA)
No.1 X-Ray equipment panoramic type (300 Kv – 5 mA)
No.1 Gamma Ray equipment (Iridio 192-40 Curie)
No.1 hydrostatic pump up to 800 Bar
No.1 hardness equipment Brinell/Ecotip
No.1 ultrasonic equipment
No.1 Positive Material Identification
No.1 Magnetic particle yoke
Dry penetrant equipment
Surface rugosity comparator
Micrometer for tube expansion control
Dimensional control equipment
No.1 ferritoscope

Personnel control level(s)
(acc. to snt-tc-1a and cicpnd)

No.1 LEVEL 3 external consultant,
method RT – PT – MT – UT – VT – LT – H.M.S.

No.1 LEVEL 2, method RT – PT – MT – UT – VT

No.2 LEVEL 1, method RT – PT – MT – VT