La storia: 2003

S.M. s.r.l. as been founded in 2003 as M.M. Metallurgica Medolago’s sister company with the focus to meet the more and more growing up market demand into the field of air coolers application.
Since the beginning S.M. has concentrate its production against the most common high finned tubes typology like “EMBEDDED” type L-LL-KL-G as well as “EXTRUDED / EXTRUDED SERRATED”.
The range of production covers tube O.D size 1” (25,4 mm) 1¼” (31,8 mm) 1½” (38,1 mm) 2” (50,8 mm) with a max length until 20 mt. and the handled materials include Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex and Copper Alloys bare tubes finned with Aluminium, Carbon Steel and Copper Alloys.
With a view to better serving our Clients S.M. can offer the supply of bare exchanger tubes and, on special request also Low-Fin tubes and HIGH Frequency tubes. S.M. has developed its activity by offering a comprehensive service, providing its expertise to the Process Industries, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Company and Energy Power fields, allow us to offer a complete service by supplying Pipes, fittings, flanges & valves both from stock as well as from specific production and Piping Packages. Ensuring our clients competent and professional service, technical support and after sale service. All products we supply are from reputed and approved fully certified ISO 9001 manufacturers.

Cerebrum Srl was founded in 2013, following up needs of its founders: innovation and study solutions for third customers.
After years of consulting in various fields we have brought together the expertise of singles in a dedicated company, well-defined entities and autonomous. From renewables energy to nanotechnology, from the consumer market till high profile productions.

Custom Solution & uniqueness
Thanks to a targeted advice and a strategic plan shared with customer, arising from internal audits to customer, we guarantee consistent solutions and high-profile innovations. No Standard idea, only custom solutions.

Easy to customize
Often people immersed in its own reality can’t see or anlizzare the real problem and understand the most effective solutions: mental inertia is responsible for imposing this limit. A Virgin and external vision provides a new point of view.

Full support & Implemented solutions
We do not stop just at research or the development of prototypes, thanks to our experience we can guarantee applied solutions and follow the customer throughout the innovation process: preliminary audit, research, prototype, patent deposits, implementation in the company.