Sala Mario Saldature

History and Tradition

Metallurgica Medolago s.r.l. was founded in 1981, for the purpose of giving an industrial and complete imprint coming from the previous small company founded by Sala Mario who back in 1969 called “Sala Mario tubazioni industriali” specialised in the production and assembly of prefabricated piping.

Thanks to its founder’s great determination, Metallurgica Medolago improved in terms of quality first and then in terms of size, and through the years it managed to conquer market shares. Today, the company is a partner that is greatly appreciated by major plant engineering companies in the chemical
and petrochemical sectors, for the most important final users, from oil refineries to large chemical complexes, up to the gas and water treatment systems.

After the founder unfortunately passed away prematurely, his two sons, Alessandro and Riccardo, took over the family business at the end of the 1990s.

In addition to continuing their father’s activity, thanks to the acquired experience, the will to grow and the constant search for innovation through a targeted investment programme, the two brothers have led the company to become a medium-sized business.

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The History

La storia di Metallurgica Medolago

50 years of history and innovation with a look to the future.

Company Brochure

Metallurgica Medolago - Brochure Aziendale

Metallurgica Medolago: the history, the present, the future.
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