La storia: 1969


Sala Mario founded the small business bearing his name, dealing with the prefabrication and installation of industrial technological plants.


The company Sala Mario became M.M. Metallurgica Medolago s.r.l.
The company specialised in the construction of equipment and components for thermal exchange.


After having acquired the technical and professional skills needed to process all kinds of metallurgies, from Carbon Steel to Nickel Alloy and Copper Alloy, Metallurgica Medolago launched its own production range with Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Air Cooler Heat Exchangers.


After the premature passing away of the founder, Sala Mario, the two sons Alessandro and Riccardo, who were already working for the company, took over and continued with the Metallurgica Medolago project.

La storia: 2001


A new department for mechanical processing and calendaring was inaugurated.



Following the growth in the market of air-cooler type of exchangers Air Coolers, Metallurgica Medolago set up a division “SM”, for the production of finned tube of both the EMBEDDED and EXTRUDED type.


Metallurgica Medolago became a member of HTRI, obtained the certifications ASME “U”,”U2”,“S” and ISO 9001 and, with the completion of its Engineering Department, made its debut on the international petrochemical and Oil & Gas markets.

La storia: 2006


A 150 square metre bunker was built where to carry out X-RAY and GAMMA RAY checks in full safety.


First expansion to the company, with the addition of a new 1.200 square metre production area.

La storia: 2014


Metallurgica Medolago’s entire production was transferred to the new building, adjacent to the existing one, with a covered surface of 5.000 square metres, lifting capacity up to 100 Tons and merging with a division “SM” to create a single production complex with a total surface area of 10.000 square metres covered.