Through the facilities in use today, along with the relevant equipment and production plants, Metallurgica Medolago is capable of designing and building equipment and components for thermal exchange, covering just about
all the ranges and types requested in the following fields: chemical, petrochemical, Oil & Gas and production of traditional and alternative energy.
Metallurgica Medolago is equipped with offices and services where professional figures with longstanding and proven experience carry out their activities, availing themselves of the most advanced methodologies and computer media for the purpose of design, manufacturing cycles, quality assurance and control, and logistics.

The effort put in, supported by the results achieved, have led Metallurgica Medolago to increasingly attain, year after year, the appreciation and acknowledgment by leading national and international customers an d by the most important engineering companies.

In order to maintain high levels of competitiveness within the sector and
increase exports, Metallurgica Medolago is ready to consolidate and improve its presence and position on the market, constantly pursuing a policy of innovation and research and taking on all the new challenges that will present themselves along the way.